Around the Town Chicago

"This cast is a little different from the original touring company in numbers, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in pure talent....Their best friends who are also their greatest competition are played by the incredible Sarah Goeke (as Cynthia Weil) and the adorable Jacob Heimer (as Barry Mann). Their love story could be a musical on its own."

Toledo City Paper

"Goeke beams on stage as Weil, a witty wordsmith who belts out slick songs with confidence. Alongside, Heimer plays the neurotic hypochondriac, Mann. Loaded with laughs, comic timing, and great vocals, the duo’s fantastic stage chemistry holds tight throughout the fast-paced show."

Indianapolis Business Journal

"There’s also an ample supply of tunes by King’s pals Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill—played with a  kick by Sarah Goeke and Jacob Heimer as the best friends you always wished you had (and, if you already do, congratulations). Goeke is particularly memorable in a Kate McKinnon-esque turn."

The monroe Review

"We get the secondary story of Cynthia Weil (a standout Sarah Goeke) and Barry Mann (Jacob Heimer). They are friends (and friendly rivals) of Carole and Gerry...Goeke, as Cynthia, has a punchy and magnetic stage presence, and she excels in the role.